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Reality etc…

Not gonna lie. I love beer. The mix of art and science, the culture, the people. I had been entertaining the idea of possibly doing something with this professionally. I took it to taking a few classes, about beer itself, about brewing, about what it takes to start a brewery. Reality is good. I amContinue reading “Reality etc…”

The smell of hops

I grew up in a hop growing region (Tettnang, to be precise). Hop gardens with their long, sky-high poles were where I played as a kid. The smell conjures up all the memories and all the feelings. It’s always sunny in my childhood. Everything is closer, sharper, and I feel things with my whole body.Continue reading “The smell of hops”

Rusty rusty rusty

As adult learners, it is nice to learn something new. It is also not entirely new, as we already have at least some basic knowledge and experience. Some of which is relevant and slots in nicely, some of it is hella rusty. Like my maths. I haven’t done any calculations to speak of since 1997Continue reading “Rusty rusty rusty”

Fancy (a) beer?

I went to a very fancy professional networking event a few years back (Boston, US). Engrossed in conversation with fellow suit-wearers, we ambled towards the bar to get started on drinks. “What local beers do you have?” I said, and promptly got the only one that venue had (the other option was one of theContinue reading “Fancy (a) beer?”

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