Summery berries, beer and a cake

I’m a bit of a lightweight. Often, I can’t even finish one of the big cans. I drink beer because I like beer, not to get drunk. So, often I find myself with leftovers from that can. And then I use them in cooking or baking (the alcohol evaporates in the heat, so this isn’t an excuse for a boozy breakfast).

Here is my latest adventure. Brewberry fruited Gose by Leigh on Sea Brewery (courtesy of a good friend of mine who lives around there).

Perfect for a summer evening if you like tart goses (I do) and love berries. A pretty perfect summer drink (and pink too, so worth finding a glass to pour this in).

And then there were leftovers, about 1/4th of the can. And I was craving something sweet after my light and healthy lunch (can’t win, can ya). So I made a small cake.

What went in the cake: About a tablespoon of coconut butter (melted), 1 egg, and the leftover beer. I added agave syrup for sweetness (if I had had any berry jam in the house I would have used that). Self-raising flour and a bit of baking powder. I had about a teaspoon of dark chocolate shavings which I also added. More is better but that was all I had. Whisked it up with an eggwhisk until it had the consistency of a cake dough, slightly runny. Then added a handful of raspberries (a literal handful which I crushed a bit in that hand before mixing them in).

I eyeball my recipes so if you need exact measurements for your comfort level I suggest starting with a recipe you know works and swap out the beer for milk or other liquids.

The Berry Cake.

Pop into an oiled half-pound loaf tin or about 2 large muffin cavities if you have a muffin tin. Bake for about 20 min, shorter if you go down the muffin route. Serve with custard or vanilla yoghurt or cream and more berries if you have more. Or just melt some butter/spread on it while it’s still hot. The dough was a lovely pink but the cake itself wasn’t anymore once it was baked. Might add beetroot powder next time, I loved the pink.

Verdict: Beer is glorious, and the cake worked really well, it was refreshingly fruity which is what I was going for.

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