Rusty rusty rusty

As adult learners, it is nice to learn something new. It is also not entirely new, as we already have at least some basic knowledge and experience. Some of which is relevant and slots in nicely, some of it is hella rusty. Like my maths. I haven’t done any calculations to speak of since 1997 and my brain hurts a little.

I am currently doing the Beer MOOC and I love the overview I’m getting. Some bits are already very familiar, and that is lovely (and a huge relief). Some clearly need massive bits of work. Resuscitating old skills of calculation as I’m working my way though the process design/production chapter. I’m learning something, and that is the whole point.

Published by Change and Coaching

I support passionate explorers called to bring more of themselves to make positive change. We go deep and make it practical. I work with start-ups and growing businesses that want to embody these principles. Writing and teaching is also a part of what I do.

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